Thursday, 9 January 2014

Firstly, welcome back to school after the 2 week break. We do hope that you all had a restful and enjoyable time.


Our topic for this term is: ‘All dressed up - Clothes’. There is a particular focus this term on the historical and geographical aspects of this theme.


The children will look at why we wear clothes; what clothes people wear in different countries; special/national costumes and how clothes have changed throughout history.


In science, we will explore ‘Light & Dark’. The children will learn that light is essential for seeing things; that when it is dark other senses can be used to help us find and identify things; that there are many sources of light;  that light sources vary in brightness and  to observe and make comparisons of light sources….


**We would like to begin the ‘Clothes’ topic next week by asking that on Friday morning (17th January), the children come to school in either of the following:


*national costume of some description (eg sari, Spanish dress)




*their favourite clothes


The children should be prepared to talk about their clothes – colour, fabric, texture, patterns, importance, traditions etcetera.


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