Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Concert 1G info

Some parents may be wondering what tartan, kilts and Scottish monsters are and what exactly we want 1G to wear for the concert.

Tartan is a thick, woollen, checked material. It was worn hundreds of years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. Each family, (Clan) had their own tartan and Chief. For example, the Grant clan has its own tartan.

The kilt is made of tartan and is the traditional dress of Scotland, worn mainly by men, nowadays usually to celebrations and on traditional occasions like weddings.

Monsters refer to the tradition that in Loch Ness a monster lurks. The Loch is so deep that it hasn't been explored thoroughly and several people claim to have seen the monster!
A Loch is a lake!

Basically for the concert, children in 1G should wear something checked. If not anything blue, or blue and white! We will be making a headband in class. 

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